Tokyo 1

I arrived just at the end of the cherry blossoms but they are still so beautiful, even if they are not in full bloom.

The photo of the school children below was taken at Shinjuku-gyoemmae park this morning. They wear the colored hats so that they are recognizable. Adorable.

In Asakusa where my hostel is, there is the Senso-ji temple of Buddhist orientation.  I paid 100 yen, or $1 to have my fortune revealed to me, and it was…not so great. I wish I took a picture of the sign, it said if you were destined for bad luck, please do not despair. I`ll take what I can get!

A few observations… Tokyo is immaculate. Bloomberg should make this his next stop and learn a thing or two about how to run a city. There is no trash on the ground (and oddly enough, trash cans are nowhere to be found in town). Everyone wears suits or school uniforms. It’s an interesting sight especially on a crowded subway.

People are fond of wearing masks too, either to prevent spreading or prevent catching an illness. Also, apparently to fend off Fukushima’s radiation (according to a Tokyoite I met) … though I don’t think that will work….

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2 thoughts on “Tokyo 1

  1. Lucy

    The first photo is adorable. I miss school trips..

  2. notero

    I feel like I’m reading a Murakami book — I love it. Also, don’t listen to your fortune! Based on your trip thus far, there’s little to fret about! x

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