Tokyo 2

This morning, my friends Lara, Grant and Noel and I ventured to the Tsukiji fish market, where the world’s best seafood is brought and eventually sold all around the world. Tsukiji is known for its tuna auction, but in recent years disruptive tourists  have forced the market to ban unlimited access to the auction. Now only 150 people are allowed to attend every day and to stand a chance, you have to get there at 4:30am. I went with my family when I first visited Tokyo (10 years ago!) and figured I could use a good night’s sleep (ironically jet lag woke me up at 4am) so the four of us planned to meet at the market at 8:30, walk around the  wholesale seafood stalls, and  then grab a sushi breakfast next door.

Sign at the entrance of the market

Crabs for sale

In the afternoon, Noel brought us to his home city of Yokohama, which is about 45 mins south of Tokyo.  It’s a big city but has just 1/3 the population of Tokyo so it seems deserted, more of a sleeper city. We walked around a lot, through the tall and modern buildings and luxury hotels, but when it started raining, we figured our best cover was a game arcade.

The result? Japanese purikura photobooth fun!

The photobooth lets you draw on the photos and add all sorts of additional background effects like starts, hearts, hairbands…

Also of note in Yokohama? The CupNoodles Museum.

It follows Momofuku Ando who invented Chicken Ramen, CUPNOODLES, and Space Ramen… and “revolutionized eating customs all over the world.”  It’s a really funny museum with interactive exhibits from the make your own cupnoodles and cupnoodles park where you learn all about the manufacturing process.

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