Beijing in the rain

It gets really hot and dusty in Beijing, so I welcomed a day of rain, which helped clean the streets and cars and brought some cool weather.

I headed out to 798, an art district just outside of the center city. It’s basically become a secluded cutting-edge art neighborhood on the former campus of an electronics factory. There are art galleries, artists studios and fun stores. It’s really fun to walk around, because the streets are clear of cars, and you can wander through different galleries and museums and stop whenever to grab coffee or sit on a bench. It looks like it’d be a great place to picnic or grab a drink in the summer time.


I visited the Ulla Center for Contemporary Art (UCCA) within the 798 district and loved the exhibit by Chinese artist, Gu Dexin, whose work spans a large range, from sculpture, flash animation, and large installations, to paintings. Look him up to see more photos of his work. It’s obviously more impressive in person. Below is one of his alien people paintings:

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4 thoughts on “Beijing in the rain

  1. notero

    Wow. It has a sort of Bosch _Garden of Earthly Delights_ quality, no? Also love the sculpture… can’t help but feel like it’s a commentary on living under the regime…

    • Definitely Bosch-ian. Hopefully his work will come to NYC (though he’s now “retired” from art) and we can go together.

  2. celadon

    We loved 798 and enjoyed it like you did, strolling from gallery to gallery and drinking in the art and the relative quiet. We saw a Gu Dexin work elsewhere, though — crate after crate of fresh tomatoes, left to ripen and decompose.

    • Yes! He has an installation involving rotting apples and a farming tractor. Also dried up pieces of meat that he had knead in certain ways.

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